Expert Witness Consultation

  • In addition to my work as a psychotherapist, I have worked as a nursing home administrator and administrator in behavioral health for over 30 years.  With my years of experience with regulation, policy, and operational oversight, I have developed a level of expertise in quality and standard of care. As Owner of  David Friedler,  LMHC, LLC, I offer attorneys for the plaintiff and defense support in cases involving the regulatory standard of care in wrongful injury.    

  • The specific administrative expertise I offer centers on an understanding of Federal and State regulation as it affects institutional policy and oversight.  Institutional policies and procedures directly reflect those regulations as well as standards of accrediting and certifying agencies.  Many factors come into play when determining responsibility for an accidental injury or death in an inpatient or outpatient setting.  Sifting through medical documentation and assessing those factors requires a level of administrative as well as clinical expertise. For a video video interview of my opinion in a case for the plaintiff against Narcanon, Inc go to:

  •   My background in nursing home care, psychiatric hospitals, and drug and alcohol treatment facilities has included numerous surveys with state, federal and agency regulators.  I have been responsible for organizing and implementing policies and procedures in preparation for initial surveys for the Joint Commission in all of those environments.  For additional information and links, please click the link below: